25 December 2015

[GP4] Adelaide 1991 - 1995 Hi-Res Update Released



Adelaide 1991/95 Textures update by Rot Teufel

Plodekk and cleberpister have made a great job for give us some complete trackpacks for past mods (1988, 1991, 1993, 1995) that add new circuits and proper sponsored tracks for each year.
There was only a weak point... low res textures and sometimes mixed with mid and hi-res textures, that made you say "great job guys, i appreciate it but seems that something is missing".
So basically this update gives back to justice the huge work amount of those guys.

Have fun

Rot Teufel




Tools used:

GP4 Builder 1.841
Photoshop CS3 extended


Thanks to:

GP4 community (grandprixgames.org, gp4italia.net, gp4-argentina.com...)
lo2k for a complete modding tool (I think one of the most complete tool for modding for a racing games)
Geoff Crammonds (I hope in a GP5!!! :D )
plodekk and cleberpister for their trackpacks collection and updates.
SuperAlonso wich i forget to mention in readme for grass. Sorry, i was sure you were included in credits.
everyone who download this




Just put all the files into Adelaide1991.wad manually or using WadUpdater.
Overwrite S1CT16.dat to the old one.


Just put all the files into Adelaide1995.wad manually or using WadUpdater.


No warranties, it's realease as it's. Use at your own risk!!!


You're allowed to use this as base for your future works, just put me on credits.
You're not allowed to publish it like single track; ask Plodekk, cleberpister before.
You mustn't sell this, i total disagree.
You can upload it on your site and put it in download section.
Ah as Lee71 says "if you don't like it, don't use it".

For positive feedback, suggestion or critics contac me on grandprixgames.org forum.

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