11 May 2011

[GP4] Released tracks: Hockenheim 1991 Hi Res

After the relaese from Ploddek & Clebpister of 1991 trackpack, i got decided to bring back a mine early project for two reason: first i got all mine whole project to Ploddek; second, was a shame leave a great trackpack with mixed low res and hi-res textures, expecially cause Clebpister and Ploddek has done a great work alone...
Alternative cams will be provided too (based on Skaningen Hockenheim 2001 cams), as an updated magic data (now you can reach higher speed).

The original track of Hockenheim 1991 it's part of 1991 trackpack by Ploddek & Clebpister, not provided here


Instruction how to install provided in Reamde

For any feedback, criticize, post comments here or at grandprixgames.org specific thread

GP4 community (grandprixgames.org, gp4italia.net, gp4-argentina.com...)
lo2k for a complete modding tool (I think one of the most complete tool for modding for a racing games)
Geoff Crammonds (Still hoping for GP5!!! :D )
Ploddek and Clebpister for their hard work
n00binio for chicane before the Bremen Kurve
SkaaningeN for Hockenheim 2001 cams
Brands of the World

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