28 January 2010

[NEWS] Some news

Hi followers.
I got two news, one bad, one good.
Start with bad: since the 2pm of 20th Jan i'm without an ADSL connection (seems there're some throubles where i live). I hope to be back soon, but i doubt...
The good one: if everything goes well, i'll change finally my hardwere. At the same time i got still some screen series from the actual one.

17 January 2010

[GP4] Montreal 1991 Hi Res Textures Update

Hi Res update

How to install it: open the montreal1991.wad, copy all tex and gp4 files, go to \maps\montreal2001\ and paste.
For the tarmac map copy it and go to \maps\resources and paste

Original track
GP4 Database

11 January 2010

[rF] TCL - ETCC 88 at Zolder

the others in thumbnail:

8 January 2010

[rF] CART 95 - Laguna Seca 2

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6 January 2010

[rF] CART 95 - Laguna Seca

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