30 April 2010

[GP4] 1994 Mod - In memory of Roland Ratzenberger

Imola, Saturday 30th May 1994

20 minutes at the end of Saturday Qualifiy. Roland Ratzenberger (on Simtek S941) went off-track on the previous lap, damaging his front wing at the Acque Minerali chicane, but rather than come into the pits he continued since he was competing for the final grid spot. Subsequently, the high speed on the backstraight and high wind pressure broke the wing off, sending it under Ratzenberger's car. His car failed to turn into the Villeneuve Corner and struck the outside wall at 314.9 km/h. He dies for a basal skull fracture.

R.I.P. "forgotten" Roland

18 April 2010

[rF] CART 95 - R. Gordon vs J. Villeneuve at Mid Ohio

One of my best overtake, playing as R. Gordon.

After some laps (13) trying to catch Villeneuve, at lap 19 finally i'm near enough to overtake him, but it's not easy....

be sure to watch it on HD mode