21 March 2015

[GP4] Monza 1991 Hi-Res Update Released

Monza 1991 Hi-res update by Rot Teufel

plodekk and cleberpister have made a great job for give us some complete trackpacks for past mods (1988, 1991, 1993, 1995), that add new circuit and proper sponsored tracks for each year.
There was only a weak point... low res textures and sometimes mixed with mid and hi-res textures, that made you say "great job guys, i appreciate it but seems that something is missing"
Most of all textures has been ported from TTM, so kudos to him for his great job that fit great on every Monza for Gp4 and for give to community his permission to use them.
The Gp4 files has been fixed too, starting to some edge's areas.
Have fun

Rot Teufel