25 December 2013

[GP4] Montreal 1995 2.0 Released

After a long time, i decided to release this track. It seems unfair to keep it only for me like an eternal WIP. So enjoy this release.
Reason why i choose this project?
Well, half of the work was done and quickslick finally released the F1 1995 Season 2.0 version.
Second, it's the only victory of Jean Alesi, a driver that imho deserved much more...
Thanks to the originals authors (Fongu, Erik, Tony) and quickslick for the help me with some photos to made this track most close as possible like the real one.
What's new? New and proper ads, new col and new magic data (now reach 290km/h (or 181 m/h) is quite easy)
Happy Holidays Folks!!!



19 October 2013

[GP4] Monaco 1995 Hi-Res Update

A Hi-Res update for the 1995 Monoca GP from 1995 trackpack by Plodekk and cleberpister. A brand new experience to see Monaco in all it's beauty in each small detail. Works only with Plodekk and cleberpister's 1995 trackpack for better visual experience. For any question, see "Readme Monaco.txt"