26 November 2009

[GP4] Magny Cours 1991 RELEASED

I'm proud to realease finally this track that i have in mind several time ago, now i found some free time and i finish it finally.
All credits to Fungu, cause this 1991 version is based on 1995 one. All credits to the dat to Erik, that kindly has pass me what he was doing 2 years ago. Thank you guys, without you probably i don't try to make this project.
Add as co-author Turbo Lover, that has done great blending textures and alternative tracks camera.


TSM Version

No TSM Version

512x512 Res Patch Realased (grass, gravel, asphalt)

Some preview screens:

25 November 2009

[rF] DTM 07 - Thunderstorm

Half of credits are gone to my friend SkaningeN, that has create this screen. I only add the post-processing effects for "Thunderstorm"

23 November 2009

[rF] F1 1985 - Minardi at Kyalami

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19 November 2009

[rF] Super GT - Honda NSX at Sepang

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17 November 2009

[rF] Grand Slam - Mid Ohio



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15 November 2009

[rF] Monza 1979

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