25 December 2011

[GP4] Hungaroring 1991 0.97 Released

Happy Xmas folks.

Nothing much to say, except some little graphics changes, some new textures and some bugs fixed. Still not add the 86-95 pitlane chicane.


In memory of Beemer, passed away recently... You'll be miss a lot in virtual racing and modding community buddy...


Thanks to:

- Geoff Crammonds for GP game series (we want a GP5 :D )
- Lo2k for a more powerfull Gp4 Editor, always innovative and enached in new version.
- Lo2k for his complete set of modding tools for GP4.
- 1991 Modding team for (imho) the best mod for GP4.
- Caelen for using as base his hi-res textures from Hungaroring 2003
- GP4 community: GrandPrixGames.org, GP4Italia.org, GP4-Argentina.com, GrandPrixX.com, etc,etc....
- other people i forgot or miss
- everyone who download it



TSM Users:

Simply put it into your "Tracks folder" (.../Infogrames/Grand Prix 4/Tracks), the whole material is just ready to be full installed and enjoy this new version.

NON TSM Users:

Rename "Hungaroring1991.wad" into "Hungaroring2001.wad" (.../Infogrames/Grand Prix 4) and "Hungaroring1991.dat" into S1CT13.dat" in "Circuit" folder



Original thread on grandprixgames.org

7 December 2011

[rF] F1 1971 - Still few meters...

Peter Gethin R.I.P.
21 February 1940 – 5 December 2011