30 April 2014

That damn weekend... 20 years ago

Johnny Herbert has right, this is Roland and Ayrton's tragic weekend. And "forgetten" Roland must be remembered in the same way of Ayrton. A guy that during the Pacific GP (Aida Circuit) was able to start from the 26th grid position and finish 11th with a poor performance SimTek S941 against all odds.

A guy that in 1993 won the C2 Class at 24h of Le Mans with Mauro Martini and Naoki Nagasaka for the Toyota Sard Team. An affirmed F3000 driver in Japan, first with Noji International Team, then with Stellar International.

A guy forged in Salzburgring, one of the faster and trickiest tracks, with no money, a strong iron will and a great talent. That Mountain Rat never tries stop and settles in a hole, no, he goes right straight to the top. He sure deserves better in life, as equal he deserves better in death.

R.I.P. Roland "Forgotten" Ratzenberger (4th July 1960 - 30th April 1994)