31 December 2009

[rF] BMW M1 ProCar - Dijon (Part One)

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27 December 2009

[rF] WSC 70 - Monza 60s

Welecome to the Temple of Speed

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25 December 2009

[GP4] Happy Xmas - Magny Cours 1991 1.1

Happy Christmas, GP4 fans. I'm again proud to release the Version 1.1 of Mangy Cours 1991, as a gift for community.

I solved those bugs that afflict this track for 1.0 release

- S/F finish transparent asphalt solved
- Pitlane transparent asphalt solved
- Change the distance of horizon (no more hide/seen)
- Berger name now is the right one
- Change all modified textures in DTX1 format, now the wad is 70MB

Actually, the only bug is the entrance of pitlane that is slow (40 km/h).

Thanks to my friends Senna9194 and Ploddek (that i don't put in previuos Readme, sorry guys) for the continue support.


No TSM Version
(but ready for TSM, just extract it in .../Grand Prix 4/tracks folder)

512x512 Res Patch (grass, gravel, asphalt)

23 December 2009

21 December 2009

[rF] TCL - DTM 88 at Brno

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19 December 2009

[rF] HRC - Lancia 037. J.C. Andruet

thanks to NCIS73 for this skin

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