30 October 2009

[RBR] Kimi pushing hard off-road

EDIT: as far i know, the original link from GARalling has expired. I put a fresh link for this skin. All credits to GARalling. Thanks guys!


23 October 2009

[rF] F12004 - Kimi at Imola

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16 October 2009

[rF] F1 1985 - Elio runs at Spa Francorchamp

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R.I.P. Elio, we never forget you, never.

15 October 2009

[rF] CART 98 - Laguna Seca

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13 October 2009

[RBR] Fiat G Punto S2000

PS. really a (white) beast on asphalt, my black beast (ground) on RBR.

11 October 2009

[rF] GPC 79 - J. Watson at Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires 79 Hi-Res textures pack by Culmone67 avaible here