4 November 2010

[rF] F1 1973 - Reliving the Past: Spanish Grand Prix


  1. Hello,
    we are curently organising a project named the "F1 History Chalenge", a race series that takes the drivers through various years and decades of Formula One racing (1950 to 2000). We will use rFactor and are working on mods for the years that are still missing. This 1973 mod looks great and I would like to ask permission to use ist in the F1HC project once it starts (the F1HC is not a commercial project, participation is free). Is the mod finished or still a WIP?
    regards, DOMINIK

  2. Sorry, i just saw this comment today...

    Anyway, you could try to ask to [VCL] Tatinos if you could use the LE version of this mod for his league.

    Here the home of Virtual Classic. virtualclassics.lightbb.com