23 September 2010

[rF] DRM - Autumn Crossing and Happy Birthday

23 years ago I was born, one year ago I decide to open this blog. Don't know why i started to post only on 29th September... In almost one year I count 12590 unique visitors from 111 countries. Thank you all, I hope you like what I do.
In this year happened two important facts: my new brand PC and the kindly request of Emerico of SimCompany.hu to create some preview screens of the brand new GP2 Series mod 2.0. Thank you again to have chosen me!

I think after 4 years of screen editing I reach really a good level of editing, but it's still not enough to me, there's always a margin to do it better, as there are a lot of old talented people have more skills than me. With time i hope to reach my limit and "overtake" it again.

And continue my adventure into modding world, not only screen editing. Yes, because I discover I like create textures and both here I’m doing my best with 4 released tracks for Grand Prix 4 and another texturing project I’m actually working on. Yes, I know I’m not like Culmone67 or BariCZ (the masters of hi-res textures), but I’ll do my best.

Many thanks to the whole sim-racing community, especially to the modders, using their free time to create what we after play, to the masters of editing (like 6e66o, Tyrrell Ford, Manuel Staggl, ACE8, Lee71, Yofloama, Polle, Atom Amiense, Dorfmeisters, Isaint, Nafetsgurk, Alex Koda, Tcr, Korg) and to some really talented guys with the right skills (like Marcos Rivas, ZowLe, GTMAD, Skaaningen, Adzuam, Bozian, Hex, Polynikes, Modq, Hocician), the Screenshot World forum, there're a lot of masters of screen leave you speechless...

I think that’s all, now let’s make images speak…

My second "Spotlight award" from Screen Shots World


  1. Wow great work on that track that I dont know with one it is, and keep up the good work m8 and congrats for 1 year.

  2. thanks

    Track is Gunsai Togue (Autumn Version)